Teachers Corner

Welcome to the Teacher's Corner!

What's on offer:

Printable Worksheets: Ready-to-use worksheets that cater to various age groups, promoting critical thinking and exploration of the story. These resources encourage students to develop their writing, comprehension, and problem-solving skills while immersing them in Margie's journey.

Interactive Drama Games: Fun and interactive drama games designed to make learning an enjoyable experience. 

Discussion Guides: Thoughtful discussion guides to facilitate open conversations on self-belief, embracing imperfections, and building confidence. Empower your students to find their own unique talent just like Margie. 

Art and Craft Ideas: Unleash the creativity of your students with art and craft ideas inspired by the story. These activities foster self-expression and imagination while encouraging a deeper connection with the characters and themes.

We believe in the power of storytelling to nurture self-belief and confidence in young minds. Through 'The Queen of Clumsy,' students will embark on a heartwarming journey of growth and acceptance, learning valuable life lessons along the way. The resources provided are carefully crafted to complement your teaching methods and inspire a love for learning among your students.

All of these incredible resources are absolutely free of charge! We want to ensure that every teacher, can have access and benefit from this for their students by unlocking a world of opportunities for growth, positivity, and empowerment through 'The Queen of Clumsy.'

Help to inspire and build self-belief!

Free Printable Resources

Help spread confidence and self belief using these printable resources specially designed from the story 'The Queen of Clumsy'.