The Queen of Clumsy - Picture Book

Written By Victoria Muir

Join Margie, the queen of oopsies! Get ready for endless giggles and joyful moments as she dances through life, spreading laughter with every stumble and tumble.

From a super-duper talent show with balls slipping through her fingers to silly socks flying to the sky, Margie's special knack for oopsies will ignite your imagination. Explore the magic of being unique, find out how to be confident, and discover the true meaning of happiness.

Get ready to join Margie, the Queen of Clumsy, in a world where laughter rules and fun never ends!

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Here to help promote confidence and self-belief.

At The Magic of Margie, we offer a captivating book tailored specifically to children aged around 4-8 years old. This story is carefully crafted to engage young minds, ignite their creativity, and encourage personal growth. Through vibrant illustrations and a heartfelt narrative, we aim to inspire a lifelong love for reading and storytelling.

In addition to our enchanting book, we offer affirmation cards specially designed for children. These cards serve as gentle reminders of their unique qualities and inner strength, fostering confidence and positive self-belief. With affirmations tailored to their age group, children will be empowered to embrace their individuality and face life's challenges with resilience.

We also provide delightful affirmation posters that brighten up any space and serve as daily reminders of positivity and self-love. These posters feature vibrant imagery and empowering messages, creating an environment that nurtures a positive mindset and fosters a sense of well-being.

Alongside all of this, we have merchandise linked to the picture book to spread a little sparkle and joy. A great present idea to add in a necklace or keychain for the school bag.