About The Author

As a passionate storyteller, I find inspiration from my beloved mother and the wonders of everyday life. Balancing my roles as a part-time teacher and a mother of four, I have developed a deep appreciation for the power of stories in nurturing imagination and creativity in young minds. Crafting tales that transport readers to magical scenes, my aim is to instill a sense of wonder and create meaningful connections that bring joy to readers of all ages.

In my spare time you'll find me enjoying family time with my husband and four beautiful children, embracing the garden and our rural property we've lovingly created together. My garden and family are my happy place, which is where the storytelling ideas develop. 

How the story unfolded: The Queen of Clumsy

Inspired by the real-life antics of my late mother, ‘The real Queen of Clumsy,’ this story captures the essence of her infectious laughter and unwavering positivity. Growing up, my siblings and I inherited her endearing trait of clumsiness, and it brought us countless hilarious moments. My mother’s joy-filled stories, often interrupted by fits of laughter, became legendary among our friends and family.

With her stumbling and giggling as the backdrop, this narrative evolved, showcasing the power of resilience, self acceptance and embracing one’s unique self. Drawing from cherished memories of our annual family talent shows, where everyone, from aunts and uncles to cousins, took the stage, the idea for a talent show setting emerged.

The juggling act in the story reminisces back to my childhood, where my brothers entertained us with their juggling skills. It remains a skill I am yet to master, and one of my daughters eagerly awaits her uncle’s instruction. And who can forget the ever-elusive socks? My mother always joked about a ‘sock monster’ that seemed to devour matching pairs, a sentiment I now share as a mother myself.

As a teacher with a passion for storytelling, I sought to bring this heartwarming tale to life, paying tribute to our beloved mum, Margaret. Through her charming clumsiness and infectious laughter, she taught us the importance of finding joy in each day and embracing our true selves. This story is a celebration of her spirit, a legacy that continues to bring smiles and warmth to countless hearts. A story to remind children that it's our unique qualities that make us special.


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Help spread confidence and self belief using these printable resources specially designed from the story 'The Queen of Clumsy'.